what is a good marriage

What is a good marriage? A good marriage is when you feel overall happy, protected, secured, loved and cared. A good marriage is when you have enough trust, security, protection from your partner. When you know that he or she is there for you to support you as much as they can. A good marriage when you don't have to worry and be nervous to do something wrong all the time. A good marriage when you can still be happy while making your partner happy.

I think that a good marriage is when your partner is your favorite person to spent time with, when your partner is the closest people to you at all and who thinks good of you most of the time. Your partner should be your biggest fan and supporter at all times, your partner should be the one who you want to come for help or share your deepest thoughts.

I think emotional security and physical security with your partner is a must. When you feel like he or she is the closest to you than anyone else. Marriage is only perfect if you are able to have good positive thoughts all the time, otherwise we can all get drifted into bad thoughts from time to time and that's ok. A good marriage when you feel good overall in your relationship.

A good marriage is when your relationship is the best that you ever had. Sacrifices and acceptance from both partners that's what makes marriage stronger. You do need to have a history together. You need to have good memories of love and care to feel good about your marriage.

A good marriage is good when you believe that it is. It's all matter of believe. If your partner does enough for you to believe that you are happy and protected then it's good. A good marriage when you don't have to apologize all the time and you don't have to feel bad about yourself. Your partner should always be your biggest supporter and your biggest admirer.

When your partner thinks good about you and has good thoughts about you most of the time then it's really good. A good marriage is good when you feel like you have your best friend by your side at all times. Marriage is not about sex, but about loyalty, friendship and compassion.

Love in marriage is when you protect each other and trust each other and support each other at all times. When you think good about each other and want to be together always.

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