what is true love - meaning of true love

What is true love? What is true meaning of true love. In my opinion the closest to true love can experience a caring mother for her child, because no amount of sacrifice and unconditional love is possible in any other relationship. Yes, romantic relationships can be very loving too, but what a caring mother feels for her own child, how much she sacrifices for a child, doesn't expect much in return and just loves and accepts a child unconditionally, this is an example of true love.

Only mothers who truly care and love a child 24/7 can experience this, but not those who simply gave birth or refuse to care and sacrifice. Mothers experience the most pain and the most sacrifice than in any other relationships.

Most people want to find true love in romantic relationships, but it's very hard. Yes, it is very hard to find true love. Because each of us is the child in our soul and our essence. But if two people sincerely believe in true love then it's possible.

The only problem in romantic relationships is that people want to experience love and pleasure without much pain and sacrifice. But did you ever think why do mothers love a child so strongly, stronger than anything? It's simply because they sacrificed most of all, they experienced the most pain. There is no love without some pain. It would be nice if we could experience love without any pain, but if there is love, there will be some pain for sure.

But when being together and feeling of joy outweighs all the pain and sacrifice that you had to make then it's true love. True love is what you believe in. Did you notice that most romantic relationships are not very stable and are very conditioned, but a true mother would never abandon her child no matter what, that what true love really is. When you give yourself away, sacrifice all you can and never leave the person you love, that's what true love really means.

People have often a lot stronger feelings toward their own kids than romantic partners, it's because of experience, it's very hard to care for a needy child who always cries first a few years, and all this pain builds unconditional love in mother's or father's heart. It's very hard to care for someone who cries and isn't nice to be around, and if you can overcome your personal egoism and learn to love unconditionally through the pain, that's what true love really is.

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