what makes a good marriage

What makes a good marriage? When two people are getting married, they think they know what they getting into and accept this with an open heart. They think they can accept any challenges until later they really face them. Marriage is challenging and a good marriage is strong enough to fight anything that life has to offer.

Marriage is about love and compassion, about trust and loyalty and not really about sex or passion. Sex or passion comparing to trust that you can grow will seem not as important if marriage is really good. Marriage can be less passionate but more compassionate, and then it's good. If marriage is too passionate or too sexual, it often means that people have lack of trust and it isn't good for the marriage. The more compassion and trust in your marriage, it's much better.

Some people really long for dangerous sex, excitement and passion in marriage, while others focus on loyalty, commitment and trust for each other. Marriage full of trust is much better than marriage with lack of trust but more sexual passion.

There are many sad stories told about marriages dissolving because they had trouble maintaining the lives they had imagined they would have with each other. But everyday can't be a honeymoon. While there are indeed good marriages, there are also partners who eventually lose the heat.

Without questioning the devotion and love one partner feels for the other and vice versa, a couple may find their marriage at times to be monotonous and in a humdrum. Good marriages just doesn't happen, it's not just about love, devotion and compatibility. Both man and woman should work hard to make a marriage good and keep it that way.

It's o'kay to experiment and try new things in your marriage. You can always experiment with affection that you give to each other and romance, of course. Be adventurous in the bedroom. Your sex life should be more than satisfactory. Experimenting is not a bad idea. Make your bed room romps something each one always looks forward to. Do not be critical with each other as well in making love. Learn to appreciate and communicate. And never forget to have fun. Be a child with each other, remember the good times when you were just dating, try to impress one another and don't take each other for granted.

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