Why do women want bad boys

Why do women want bad boys. Let us view the other side of the coin. What is it that a “Jerk” has, that makes women respond to him better? Even if they are voicing their dissent – nobody treats me nicely! The answer to this dilemma is simple: Jerks exude self-confidence, without even knowing it!

Consider how “Jerks” carry themselves:

1. When he is livid, he makes no bones about it, its all over his face and actions.

2. He hardly cares for the opinion of others. His ego state is at an all time high: I’m OK; rest of the world is NOT OK. Most importantly he does not idolize women.

3. He positions himself and his needs much before anything else. His sole priority is “me”. And talk about rejecting women? They do it faster than a wink!

4. He does not allow people to act rude or cheeky with him.

5. He doesn’t care if actions hurt or insult a woman.

Though it may sound irrational, but it is these qualities of a “Jerk” that a woman sucks up to! It is no wonder then that a “jerk” gets his way around. But a “jerk’s” problem starts right here. He goes to the extremes, thereby appearing to be a selfish, egoistical, coarse individual. There is of course a middle path, but it is essential for you to realize and appreciate why these people emerge triumphant. It is not rare that we hear women refer to such guys as “jerks”, as if they were talking in very derogatory terms about them, and all you Nice Guys go home believing that it is the opposite behavior that women are looking for.

The truth of the matter, when you hear such whining, lies in an amalgamation of two factors:

1. Women voicing their protest, because they can no longer be in the driver’s seat, so as to exercise “control” over the man’s behavior, which they are so used to, and,

2. The guy’s unpardonable “jerkish” qualities

Come to think of it, if it was really true that this alleged “jerk” was so abominable that no woman would touch him with a bargepole, they would not associate with him in the first place. Of course, his aggressive nature is attractive, his selfishness is very macho, and his unrefined, coarse ways are “cute” to women, hence the attraction.

Incidentally, guys who have been dumped by women after being identified as “jerks” are out of my consideration set, because here the woman has validated her opinion by dumping him. I am essentially discussing about men, who women love to date, be friends with, and simultaneously crib about.

An admirable man is a true and honest gentleman, whose manners and deportment are impeccable. So, what are the qualities of a “Jerk” you must learn to avoid being that “admirable” man:

1. Unreasonable and unjustified throwing of tantrums (teach yourself some self-discipline and self-control)

2. Physical or mental abuse

3. Impolite and discourteous manners.

4. Purposefully bringing mental agony and trauma to the woman.

5. Haughty, self-centered and impolite attitude This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website © Copyright.

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